5000 mAh

Mit ARAMAX POWER müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen über einen leeren Akku wie bei 3000 mAh machen oder mit großen Multi-Akku-Mods hantieren. Ein vollgeladener 5000-mAh-Akku reicht für über 25 ml Liquid.

Highest capacity battery cell

Why do you need 5000mAh?
To provide a non-stop vaping experience, especially outdoor, we searched the market for the highest capacity power cell which matched our 55W atomizer; an impressive 5000mAh power cell.

This power reservoir allows you to vape more than 25ml of liquid on a single charge. Depending on your usage, you can expect to use it for around 2~3 days without recharging — if only smartphones were the same.

The POWER is a simple device, allowing you to simply take it and vape it. There is a voltage regulator inside to regulate the peak output voltage. This delivers consistent power from the battery throughout your vape with no sudden changes to its performance.

(A is the typical discharge curve of direct output of a battery; with the regulator as shown in picture B, the output is more stable.)

Branchenführendes geschmackserlebnis

Specially optimized wide-flow stainless dual coils generate more vape per battery than other similar devices. Flavor reproduction is fine-tuned using an aerosol particle counter system and panel team testing. We use a voltage stabilizer to ensure consistent vaping during the day.

According to research from The Zhejiang University*, an aerosol particle with a diameter range of 1um to 3um, has a smaller deposition effect on the trachea and bronchus, whereas there is more deposition in the mouth and throat which are more sensitive to taste.

(ARAMAX POWER achieves the highest point compared to others on the 2~3um range during tests.)

*Pan Deng, Zhejiang University, Numerical Simulation of Airflow and Inhalable Particle Deposition in Realistic Human Upper Respiratory Tract, 2017

Superior airflow

To further prevent leakage, POWER adopts a top air intake within the tank. Unlike other traditional top airflow devices, the unique structural design of the POWER’S six huge air pipes results in superior airflow; this ensures vapers get a very smooth airflow and an ultimate vape experience. Combining the POWER tank and the tube design of the atomizer, the draw created from the maximum airflow below it generates a huge cloud.

Front view

Side view

This unique design also has another advantage with a liquid collecting "pool" at the connection point between the battery unit and the tank. This means that even if liquid does go through the wick, or condensation is generated, the “pool” can temporarily store this liquid. Rather than leaking onto your hand, like bottom air intake models, the atomizer will not be soaked in leaked liquid.

Liquid "collecting pool"

Mehrstufiger batterieschutz

Each POWER goes through machine precision automated quality checking and has multi-level battery protection including high grade chemical components, an internal fuse, hardware and software protection as well as a pressure relief valve.

  • Chemie, automatisierte Qualitätssicherung

  • Überdruckventil

  • Hardware- und Softwareschutz

  • Interne Sicherung


The POWER features hidden ventilation for a more sleek design. Made possible thanks to the placement of the power buttons safety valve and the charging port, heat and gasses can escape easily to keep your device safe. You might notice that other devices may only have these features at the bottom of their devices (making it harder to vent), or not at all.


Zusätzlich hat es einen eingebauten kindersicheren und luftdichten Deckel.

Kompakter all-in-one-aufbau

Kompakter All-In-One-Aufbau
mit einem 510-Adapter für Behälter von Drittanbietern

Voll waschbarer behälter

Voll waschbarer Behälter mit austauschbarem Glas

Zweifarbiger LED-button
und pass-through-funktion

Rotes licht

wenn Batterieladung
< 30%

Weisses licht

wenn Batterieladung
> 30%

Praktische weite öffnung
oben nachfüllen

100 % TPD-konform

  • in der ganzen EU registriert
  • 2 ml konformer Behälter
  • Komplett kindersicherer Aufbau
  • Luftdichter Deckel
  • Mehrsprachige Warnungen, Labels und SDS
  • Registrierter Emissionstest
  • Zertifikate: CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, EU 2016/1416
  • Hergestellt in GMP- und ISO9001-zertifizierter Fabrik

Technische spezifikation

Tank volume 5 ML
Gewicht 242G
Verdampfer 0.14Ω SUS316 dual coil
Battery SUS316 dual coil batterie: 5000mAh Li-ion

Was ist in der packung

Aramax Power
Micro-usb kabel
Atomizer ×2
510 anschluss + schlussel × 1

Power up your life

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